Sponsorship Info

*** Enmark Sponsorship status ***

Currently open & accepting applications for the 2018 season.


Lets be honest, everybody wants to be sponsored! We do offer various sponsor packages based on the needs of different individuals. Unlike other companies we are not going to force you to fill out a generic form and make you feel like its a long shot. So please look over this checklist before submitting a request to be sponsored. We love creative propositions so here is a quick Do & Do not list with submitting. This will better your odds with us. Any questions, please feel free to ask, these are real people behind the email.


  • Have a formal Proposal.
  • Have a list of benefits Enmark will receive by sponsoring you.
  • Have a detailed list of forums you are on and social media presence. (Social Media influence is equally as important as the events you do.)
  • Have a list of events you've done, will do and have done.
  • Tell us who else is sponsoring you or if you have been sponsored by other suspension companies in the past. (We all talk and will find out regardless, if something went wrong, let us know. Its better we hear it from you.)
  • Know what product you are looking for, with what options.


  • Do not send us an email just asking for free parts because you really need them.
  • Do not promise to tag us in all of your posts as a sole proposal. (Unless you have a massive following & a very good reason for this being your only marketing method.)
  • Do not send an email without a proposal/proposal format. 
  • Do not ask us if we have a kit for your car. Submitting a request for sponsorship, we would expect you took the time to research your vehicle and our inventory to make sure we can supply you with parts that fit your vehicle.

Enmark Suspension values the opportunity to have our products displayed on vehicles and build relationships with various owners. Please allow 3-5 days for a response from our marketing team. If no response is received then the submission was not approved. 

Types of sponsorship's we are currently offering. (Limited basis)

  • Full Sponsorship for Motorsports Racing Professionals.
    ~ 100% sponsored product for marketing exchange. These are for professionals in the racing industry in a professional driving circuit.
  • Car Show / Track Event - Partial Sponsorship
    ~ The amount of discount varies, this is based on exposure from the individual. Each of these is determined on a case by case basis. Majority of avg car show/track event goers will fall into this category.
  • Car Meet/ Online Promotion - Partial Sponsorship.
    ~ New for 2018, discount will vary, this sponsorship is awarded to the person who has a good online following & attends local car meets. No events are required for this type of sponsorship. However at local meets it will be required you hand out promotional material. As well as an agreed upon posts about us through social media.

I Don't Qualify for a sponsorship!? But I'll work for a Free / Discounted kit!?!??

Don't fear! Just because you didn't get approved for a sponsorship means you have to save up and pay full price. We offer a great program through the  Group Buy Center With the freebies in there, you could land a free kit without a sponsorship obligation. Click the button to go there and read over the details of how it works. 

If you want more info about the details & requirements of our sponsorship programs, please download the Sponsorship Agreement below. However please do not submit this as a proposal.


Enmark suspension is not responsible for incomplete submissions. Once a request is submitted, due to the amount of requests we receive please allow between 3-5 days to receive a response. If no response is received then the application was not approved and no sponsorship offer will be extended. Enmark is under no obligation to sponsor any request if fraud is assumed in the submission. Please only submit factual data. A valid credit card must always be kept on file with Enmark. In the event of termination of the sponsorship for violation of terms, the full amount of the products offered will be charged to the card. (Or the price difference if partial). Any issue with the products must first be brought to the attention of Enmark. A sponsorship does not cover shipping for products/warranty or installation/repair. Any person approved for sponsorship is expected to follow the terms of the warranty. Any approved sponsorship carries a level of professionalism in being a brand representative.