Group Buy Center

Group Buy Benefits

  • Discounted products!
  • Lifetime Warranty on all kits!
  • Secret giveaway in each group buy! (Details of the giveaway are revealed in the email before posting.)
  • Reliable service and responses!
  • Pre-made template to post details!
  • Any forum user or owner can do it!
  • Enmark support on site.

To get started, please start by sending our Group Buy Guru an email to [email protected] with the following info:

  1. Forum/FB Username
  2. Forum/FB URL
  3. Make & model of interest.
  4. Assumed number of interested buyers. (This effects the giveaway, the more buyers, the better the giveaway!!!)
  5. Is this Admin approved? 


Setting up a group buy is easy! Just email us the info requested to get started. But please please ask your administration or mod before sending us a request! The reason being is sometimes forums do not allow companies on their website without paying an advertising fee. Same with facebook groups, not every groups wants company advertisements floating around the community they built! But don't fear, if it is not approved, please let us know, and if the Admin is interested we may be able to work something out in terms of advertising, or a barter deal if they are interested in being apart of the group buy. Enmark Suspension will make a forum account, or send a rep on Facebook for each group buy. For a couple reasons. #1 is to keep an eye on any technical questions that might arise, getting an answer directly from the source seems to put forum users / fb users at ease. #2 is so we can make sure that Enmark is being represented in a positive way. We have to be careful about the reputation we have, so we do want to keep an eye on it.

Wait....I read there are giveaways?!? What's that about?? We know sometimes its hard to get people to commit. So we have a little extra motivation for them to jump on board! You read it right! Enmark gives 1 freebie/giveaway in each group buy as a thank you for choosing us! Here are just a few examples of what your group buy could get! The lucky winners will not be chosen until the group buy is wrapped up.

  • Free Set of lug nuts for a few people in the group buy.
  • 1 lucky user gets 50% off the entire kit! (Shipping not included)
  • 1 lucky user gets their kit 100% free!! (Just pay shipping)
  • Free shipping for everybody in the group buy!
  • Free Tanzanite Upgrade for those who want it! (click link for more info)

* If you have a great Idea for a freebie/giveaway, let the Guru know! We love hearing different ideas.

* The Group Buy Guru will inform you by Email which giveaway your group will receive.

Ok ok this is awesome! How does this work?

The process is easy! Just follow these 3 steps and your group buy is ready to go.

Email our guru the info we need!

Our Guru will contact you and do a small Q&A

You are sent details of the group buy ready to post!

HOw do i pay? $$

Please visit our Group Buy Payment Center. Fill out the info provided and submit your payment.

(Sometimes your group buy will have its own special link in the Group Buy Payment Section. Please follow the directions on the post you receive from the Group buy Guru.)


Enmark Suspension is not responsible for any information provided in the initial post unless it is approved by Enmark. If the minimum number of buyers is not met, Enmark is under no obligation to offer the suspension or giveaway to the paid users for the price promised unless the group buy quantity minimum is met. If a group buy minimum is not met, and no exceptions have been made by Enmark in an agreed upon timeline, then all users who have prepaid will be issued full refunds (minus cc processing fees). Once a user pays the partial or full payment for the group buy, they are entering in a contractual agreement with Enmark to pay the amount agreed upon. If partial payment is taken and user refuses to pay the remaining portion, then that user agrees to lose his partial payment. Agreeing to pay a partial payment makes you liable to fulfill this contract. Any cancellation must be approved. Shipping is not included in the price of a group buy, each user is responsible for shipping cost, duties and fees associated with receiving the kit. Any and all giveaway is at the sole discretion of Enmark and may change for different groups. Some giveaways include "free lug nuts for all users" "half priced kit for 1 lucky user" "100% free kit for 1 lucky user" "free shipping for all users". These are some of the giveaways Enmark offers as a courtesy to the users involved in the group buy. Enmark is under no obligation to provide the giveaway to any user, it is merely a courtesy and can be adjusted anytime Enmark deem fit..