Tanzanite Upgrade

Tanzanite Upgrade

Our Tanzanite upgrade is a unique option for the purple lover. It replaces key visuals on the kit to give you the look you prefer. The kit pre-installs a purple dust boot, purple locking rings as well as a purple cone at the top of the strut connecting to the Top Plate.

Ordering is easy! You can purchase these with your new kit, or purchase them as an add on later!

  • Select the option on the dropdown menu when you purchase your new coilovers! Or tell your dealer you want the upgrade and they will come pre-installed.
  • Option 2 is to purchase them from our Parts & Accessories store as a separate kit.

*When ordering the Tanzanite upgrade with a new kit, it is a replacement for the standard Enmark colors. You will not receive the original colored parts with your order. 

Inside each Tanzanite kit

These kits are for the purple lover who just can't get enough!

Beautiful Color combo to enhance that suspension you already love!

Available on all Enmark kits.

Aluminum locking rings and spring perch. Included is a purple cone that connects the strut to the top plate. All parts are anodized and specially treated for corrosion.

Also included is a purple dust boot to give the strut a hidden purple feel. Subtle details will help your kit "pop"!

The Tanzanite upgrade gives your strut the same quality as the standard Enmark colors. Purple is the color of royalty, and will make any vehicle look instantly better, so we would like to offer it exclusively to our customers!