TS1 Series Info

If you want a stiff ride, our TS1 series features a firmer damping, reinforced internals and stiffer spring rate for a race ready ride, but still giving you the feeling of a semi forgiving sport suspension for street use. Ideal use for competition drifting & autocross. Tested in competition motorsports across Europe.

Each kit is made by hand from high quality materials starting from our oils, and continues down to our springs that are constructed from cold-wound steel. They are tested over 1,000,000 times by compression inspection. With results of less than 4% deformation we are confident in our products. We are so confident that we back that up with our hassle free Lifetime warranty.

Tanzanite Upgrade Available

Our Tanzanite upgrade is a unique option for the purple lover. It replaces key visuals on the kit to give you the look you prefer. The kit pre-installs a purple dust boot, purple locking rings as well as a purple cone at the top of the strut connecting to the Top Plate.