SS1 Series - Daily Driver/Weekend Racer

The SS1 series features softer shock damping and spring rates for a more comfortable ride, but still giving you the feeling of a forgiving sport suspension. Ideal for the casual driver and on weekend you can dial up the damper for those harsh track events.

TS1 Series  - Race Ready

If you want a stiff ride, our TS1 series features a firmer damping, reinforced internals and stiffer spring rate for a race ready ride, but still giving you the feeling of a semi forgiving sport suspension for street use. Ideal use for competition drifting & autocross.

Tanzanite Upgrade

Our Tanzanite upgrade is a unique option for the purple lover. It replaces key visuals on the kit to give you the look you prefer. The kit pre-installs a purple dust boot, purple locking rings as well as a purple cone at the top of the strut connecting to the Top Plate.